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Posted by Judith Wong on November 6, 2017 8:35:58 AM MST
Judith Wong

Six of our landscape architects had the pleasure of traveling to Los Angeles for the 2017 ASLA conference!

Landscape Architects in Los Angeles - LA-LA Land!

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The annual ASLA conference is always a great way to catch up with friends and colleagues from all over the country. It feels good to be part of an organization and network of peopple that are actively trying to make the world a better place, especially in the face of so many forces that seem to be trying to devastate it. In addition to everything learned at the education sessions, exploring the local sights and sampling local food helped us broaden our perspective, and generate ideas to implement back home.


Greg Miller Becomes National ASLA President

The highlight of the conference for MRWM was getting to celebrate the swearing in of Greg Miller as National President of ASLA. We're so proud of him and are looking forward to seeing what he does in the coming term. In his speech to ASLA last year, Greg talked about the general public's lack of understanding of our profession:

greg miller president ASLA



"Fifty years ago, a bold group came together to write a Declaration of  Concern that avowed the vital role of the profession as part of a collective effort to solve critical environmental problems. We’ve since established landscape architecture as an example for how to better plan, design, and care for the built and natural environment. ... Fifty years later, we’re still facing some of the same environmental issues, and frankly we’ve added a whole lot more concerns to the list. But we’ve established landscape architecture as the profession that can have the most profound role in  solving these issues. Landscape architecture puts it all together. I think we’re poised for explosive growth of our influence. We’re ready to stand together as a society and move into a new era."



Greg has discovered unexpected consequences of his new position, including that it takes much longer for him to make his way through a room of landscape architects than it used to - but he's delighted to have the opportunity to talk to so many landscape architects from around the country. He is also going to be even busier than usual with speaking engagements filling his schedule. We're keeping an eye on him with "Where in the World is Greg Miller?" .


Dennis Wilkinson Elevated to ASLA Council of Fellows


Adding to the festivities was Dennis Wilson's induction as a Fellow of ASLA for his contributions to the profession in the cateogry of Service.

Dennis took on the improvement of our professional licensing process by streamlining and standardizing the continuing education credits program LACES. This allows us to strengthen our standing as professionals and to expand our role on design teams nationally. His contributions to the profession over the years are certainly worthy of one of ASLA's highest honors.

 We also think he looks mighty fine with that green ribbon and medal around his neck. Congratulations, Dennis!



NMASLA Representation at ASLA2017

Also present at the conference were two hard-working members of our local New Mexico ASLA chapter, the newly elevated President of the NMASLA, Justin Weathermon, and Rob Loftis, NMASLA's Board of Trustees representative.

Rob has really been working overtime, and is now the Chair of the ASLA's Government Affairs Advisory Committee. In between receptions he squeezed in some educational sessions, and also took the time to do portfolio reviews. He loved B.S. Taqueria's  Mexican food so much that he ate there two nights in a row.

Justin worked equally hard for us on the local chapter side of business, mentioning how insightful it was to learn about how other chapters are organized and how they work. In between executive committee meetings, he managed to attended a few receptions and educational sessions himself. And, of course, he didn't miss out on the amazing tacos at Rob's new favorite restaurant in LA. He didn't leave before taking in the sights (and a drink) at the Intercontinental Hotel's bar on the 73rd floor. What a view!


Many thanks to Rob and Justin for the days spent closeted in windowless rooms, laboring away on ASLA business matters. All the way to LA and hardly a moment in the sun. Kudos to those two hard working executive committee members whose main opportunity for bronzing was on the walk from the hotel to the conference center.


And finally ...  

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The University of New Mexico Student ASLA won second place in the national competition for the design of their booth.

Congratulations to you all!

Altogether an exciting and very successful 2017 ASLA Annual Meeting!

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