Where in the World is Greg Miller?

Posted by Kristina Werenko on September 29, 2017 9:51:28 AM MDT
Kristina Werenko

Although Greg Miller is now Past President of ASLA, we still find ourselves playing, “Where’s Greg?”, to locate him on his official travels. His schedule is still filled with events and presentations across the country.


From supporting ASLA efforts at various state chapter meetings, to kicking off the 2018 ASLA Annual Meeting, to staying involved with design and construction projects underway in New Mexico, Greg is on the move and in the know. If you see him, take a picture and tag it #whereisgregmiller. Here's a preview of where you'll find him in 2019:

 Greg Miller-ASLA stage






New Jersey ASLA 2018 Annual Meeting| Atlantic City, NJ | February 11-13, 2018 
Key Note Speaker – Greg Miller, FASLA will discuss advocacy issues in terms of landscape architecture and current ASLA programs and activities. See you at Harrah's Waterfront Conference Center.

Think Trees: An Urban Tree Care Conference | Albuquerque, NM | January 18, 2018
Key Note Speaker – Greg Miller, FASLA will welcome conference attendees and discuss the state of landscape architecture and current ASLA programs and activities. See you at Think Trees.

2017 Arkansas ASLA Awards Luncheon and Design Practice and Technology Symposium| Hot Springs, AR | October 6, 2017 
Key Note Speaker – Greg Miller, FASLA will discuss advocacy issues in terms of landscape architecture and current ASLA programs and activities. See you at Garvan Woodland Gardens.

2017 ASLA Annual Meeting & Expo | Los Angeles, CA | October 20-23, 2017
Evidence-Based Design: Impact of Sensory Play Environments for Children with Developmental Disabilities – Friday, October 20th, 1:30 to 3:00.

More than “just play,” children with developmental disorders benefit from strategically designed sensory playgrounds and gardens. This study evaluates the outcomes of outdoor play using a multiple baseline research design, and it provides a research methodology that is excellent for studying many questions within the broad field of landscape architecture. Greg Miller, FASLA, MRWM Landscape Architects; Lucy Jane Miller, STAR Institute for Sensory Processing Disorder; John McConkey, ASLA, Landscape Structures. See you at ASLA LA20017.

2017 ASLA Annual Meeting & Expo | Los Angeles, CA | October 20-23, 2017
All Ages, All Abilities, All the Time: Designing Socially Sustainable Parks  – Saturday, October 21st, 11:00 to 12:30.

Parks today face the challenge of providing environments where all visitors can feel safe and secure and fully engage in play. Universal design increases usability, safety, health, and social participation. In this presentation, participants will discover how applying the goals of universal design ultimately contribute to social equity and social sustainability. Greg Miller, FASLA, MRWM Landscape Architects; Ingrid Kanics, Kanics Inclusive Design Services, LLC; John McConkey, ASLA, Landscape Structures. See you at  ASLA LA20017.

New Mexico Chapter of ASLA Q4 Event: Pollinators Conference | Albuquerque, NM | October 27, 2017  Pollinators in Public Landscapes

Public landscapes offer a large range of opportunities to incorporate pollinator plant species and techniques, providing habitat throughout the urban environment. These projects pose challenges with regard to maintenance, heavy use, harsh growing conditions, and public perception. This presentation will investigate established and emerging strategies for developing parks, streetscapes, trail corridors, and other urban open space to support pollinators including partnerships between designers, administrators, maintenance departments, and contractors to create policies and standards of practice to ensure the viability of these projects. See you at Q4-Pollinators.

2018 Twin States ASLA Conference: An Evolving and Emerging Profession | Jackson, MS | March 8-10, 2018
The Future of Landscape Architecture and the Value of Connections – Greg Miller, FASLA - Friday, March 9th, 8:00am. See you at TSC 2018.

2018 CELA Conference: Transforming the Discussion | Virginia Tech, Blacksburg, VA | March 21-24, 2018
Greg Miller, FASLA will report to the CELA's leadership on ASLA's current state of affairs. See you at CELA 2018.

LABash 2018: Identify | The Pennsylvania State University, University Park, PA | April 5-7, 2018
Greg Miller, FASLA will be making introductory remarks. See you at LABash 2018.

2018 TX ASLA Conference | Galveston, TX | April 18-20, 2018 
Greg Miller, FASLA - TBA

2018 National Planning Conference | New Orleans, LA | April 21-24, 2018

The American Planning Association's 2018 National Planning Conference is the premier planning event of the year. NPC18 will bring together the hottest topics, the latest tools, and the leading voices with something new to say. Greg Miller, FASLA will be attending the conferene. See you at NPC18.


Check back often as we update this list with new events.

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